Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp - George Harrison

Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp - George Harrison
Hello!! Here is my third video!!

A little background: When George first moved into Friar Park in Henley-on-Thames, he was very interested in the history of it and its owner, Sir Frank Crisp, an eccentric old man. (But as a Beatle/George fan I'm sure you all knew that!) George later wrote this song, and I believe that George used little sayings that were carved into the walls of Friar Park, or made up ones that sounded like something Sir Crisp would say. Friar Park was also where George gained his love of gardening. There is more history behind this but I will let you get to the video now!! Please enjoy!!

(The video is mostly in chronological order, but I know some of it is now quite right!


Let it roll across the floor

Through the hall and out the door

To the fountain of perpetual mirth

Let it roll for all it's worth

Find me where ye echo lays

Lose ye bodies in the maze

See the lord and all

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