Stars on 45 Beatles Medley MUST SEE

Stars on 45 Beatles Medley MUST SEE
Crafting an uncanny and eerie vocal likeness of the Beatles, Dutchman Jaap Eggermont (from the group Golden Earring) faithfully created the amazing "Stars on 45 Medley" using an underlying drumloop and clap track -- with the searing vocals of studio session musicians Bas Muys (John Lennon), Hans Vermelen (Paul McCartney) and Okkie Huysdens (George Harrison) -- a version of which hit #1 on the US Billboard's Hot 100 in June 1981.


"No Reply"/"I'll Be Back"/"Drive My Car"/"Do You Want to Know a Secret"/"We Can Work It Out"/"I Should Have Known Better"/"Nowhere Man"/"You're Going to Lose That Girl"/"Ticket to Ride"/"Say the Word"/"Eleanor Rigby"/"Every Little Thing"/"And Your Bird Can Sing"/"Get Back"/"Eight Days a Week"/"It Won't be Long"/"Day Tripper"/"Wait"

Good Day Sunshine"/"My Sweet Lord"/"Here Comes The Sun"/"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"/"Taxman"/"A Hard Day's Night"/"Things We Said Today"/"If I Fell"/"You Can't Do That"/"Please Please Me"/"I

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