The Beatles - I WILL - Lyrics HD

The Beatles - I WILL - Lyrics HD
Written & Sang by: Paul McCartney

Album: The Beatles (White Album)

Released in 1968

I dedicate this video to my friend, Rynae.

This is my first lyric video! I was just trying it out with one of the short Beatles songs. Making the lyrics pop up on the screen in time with the sang words is pretty difficult sometimes! So, my hats are off to the people out there who make lyric vids, you make each of us a little smarter with our songs everyday. Thanks a bunch!

This will prooobably be my last lyric video as well. But if you like it, subscribe, or comment to tell me to make more, then I will! ;D

No copyright intended; I just made this vid for you to enjoy. And you. And you, too.

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