The Beatles - I Want You (She's so heavy) Stereo remastered

The Beatles - I Want You (She's so heavy) Stereo remastered
John Lennon wrote I want you (she's so Heavy) which ended up on the Abbey Road album. The song istelf is very heavy and very different from any other Beatles song. With John playing the lead guitar on this one. With the solo coming from George.

"She's so heavy" perfectly display Lust, Desire and Dramatics.

Much like the physical act of love, the song builds and builds then suddenly

cuts to an abrupt end. With the moment/song still echoing in you're mind.

John paints it so beautiful with the bluesy style he has used.

As it would of been John's birthday, I thought I'd make a video to celebrate that.

Wanting it to be a little different I have included pictures of Stuart Sutcliffe.

For some time now I wanted to have a video for Stuart but the photos are limited of him. Stuart was a very important part of John's life in the early years.

So I wanted to show case that. As the music to She's so heavy is so dramatic

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