The Beatles - Nowhere Man

The Beatles - Nowhere Man
Written by: Lennon-McCartney

Recorded: 21, 22 October 1965

Producer: George Martin

Engineer: Norman Smith

Released: 3 December 1965 (UK), 21 February 1966 (US)

John Lennon: vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar, lead guitar

Paul McCartney: harmony vocals, bass

George Harrison: harmony vocals, lead guitar

Ringo Starr: drums

Available on:

Rubber Soul

Yellow Submarine Songtrack

Originally released on Rubber Soul in the UK, Nowhere Man was born of John Lennon's feelings of isolation in his Weybridge home, where he spent hours in solitary contemplation away from the mayhem of Beatlemania.

Rubber Soul (Remastered)

The Beatles. EMI 2009, Audio CD, $7.84

Yellow Submarine Songtrack

Beatles. Capitol 1999, Audio CD, $11.98

In March 1966, the Evening Standard newspaper published an article by journalist Maureen Cleave about John Lennon's home life

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