Unboxing John Lennon Signature Box

Unboxing John Lennon Signature Box
Unboxing the John Lennon Signature Box, which was released on October 4, 2010.

It is a well manufactured box, which looks very elegant.

It includes :

*the 8 digitally remastered studio albums,

*2 bonus CDs with singles and home tapes,

*a special code which gives you online access to audio, video, art and photography,

*personal essays from Yoko Ono, Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon,

*the bonus CD set containing singles and home tapes

*a 70s birthday Lennon print

I really appreciate the idea of releasing digitally remastered songs by John Lennon. I think it

really worked out well, the quality of the sound is great. The book contains never before seen

pictures and drawings and I'm really impressed by this. They really did a great job to honor the former Beatle John Lennon, who had to die much too early because an insane guy killed him.

The only thing I criticize is that the b

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