The Beatles - Real love (original pitch/key, FINAL SPEED)

The Beatles - Real love (original pitch/key, FINAL SPEED)
*** Since youtube blocked my upload of this where I synced it with the official video clip, I had no choice but to upload it again using just a picture ***

The official release is speeded up and john's voice is ruined and sounds more like "alvin and the chipmunks" or the bee gees. That's why if you want to really get to know the song as it actually sounds, you must listen to it at its original pitch.

The problem is that the usual way of lowering the pitch slows down the song too much, in fact I did that for my other vid of it. It's very slow compared to the final more "poppy" speed.

I don't care, I prefer the slower one myself, but the fact that other people think it loses a bit of efectiveness or charm made me think "what if I can get it to keep both the original pitch and the final speed?".

I've heard that the producers speeded up the song in order to make it more "commercial" or more "pop", (wich I find insulting to the music), but my point was "I bet

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