The Beatles- All My Loving

The Beatles- All My Loving
Written by Paul in May of 1963 for then-girlfriend Jane Asher, a former child star and panelist on BBC-TV's Juke Box Jury who'd met Paul after interviewing the group for the magazine Radio Times. On tour with Roy Orbison in England, Paul found himself missing Jane and came up with what he thought was a poem for her while either shaving or riding on a bus (his recollections vary). Later, Paul found himself putting music to the already-finished words, a first for him.

This track was recorded at the third session for With The Beatles and was the last song completed that day, being recorded just after "It Won't Be Long."

Paul McCartney originally envisioned this as a country and western number, but changed his mind when the song turned out to be good enough to be considered as a single. George Harrison, for his part, kept his solo in that same vein anyway, modeling it after one of his idols, legendary sessionman Chet Atkins.

John considered this one of Paul's best song

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