Beatles Los Angeles Press Conference 1966

Beatles Los Angeles Press Conference 1966
The Beatles L.A. 1966 Press conference from beginning to end.

The press put them ill-at-ease from the start, with accusing questions to Lennon about his recent "Bigger than Jesus" remarks. A condescending reporter takes a shot at Ringo. The cameraman can't tell Ringo from John.

The Good: They make the most of it with off-the-cuff quips from all four. Lennon pouts but humor comes through, causing a few raucous laughs. Paul and George take inane questions in stride.

Later presented with steak branding irons (huh?) and gold records from RIAA for Revolver. Closeups show Brian Epstein lecturing John and Ringo. In an on-camera interview with a Dick Clark stand-in, George is in a whimsical mood, while Paul just goofs with the guy.

The Beatles gave this press conference at the Capitol Records Tower Los Angeles on August 24th. David Crosby, who at the time was a member of The Byrds,can occasionally be spotted in the film.


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