Beware My Love - Paul McCartney (68th Birthday Tribute)

Beware My Love - Paul McCartney (68th Birthday Tribute)
This is the most important thing I've ever made :D

Can anyone else has SUCH huge influence on people of different, not just ages; but, generations... Even those who have not been able to experience it all, it still feels like they did!... They all enjoy it, and feel it, equally... from a 5 year old kid, to a 60 years old man; all in tears out of excitement and passion.

I don't think any musician in this world is able to do that; with all due respect to each and everyone of them...

Wow... He must be proud! like I am... :)

I'm a huge Beatles fan. But if it wasn't for Paul, maybe I wouldn't have been a Beatles fan ever... He was my "introducer" to The Beatles, and I'm glad he did :)))

I will always say: Thank you Paul for inspiring, and delighting me. And for basically, saving my life! I owe it to you... And that's not an exaggeration, it's a lot more than that :) ♥

And, Thank you so much for protecting The Beatles' legacy, alon

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