"Hey Jude" Walk The Moon & PS22 Chorus (The Beatles)

"Hey Jude" Walk The Moon & PS22 Chorus (The Beatles)



On Tuesday, the PS22 Chorus was fortunate enough to be part of one of our most epic musical collaborations with the incredible band Walk The Moon! Aside from being an extremely musically prolific afternoon (lots of vids to look forward to), it was a thoroughly inspiring one as well! The kids and the band were completely in awe of each other, and had a cosmic blast getting together on some of the band's songs, and even some impromptu performances!

So this is a wonderfully spontaneous version of "Hey Jude" by The Beatles! After the chorus asked Walk The Moon's lead singer Nicholas Petricca to demonstrate his piano skills, he suggested the song. We quickly put the chorus to work on a couple of harmonies and this video entry presents the amazing results! Hardly perfection (who cares?!) but one of the most memorable moments of the Walk The Moon visit!!<

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