The Beatles - Like Dreamers Do (Decca) (2011 Remaster)

The Beatles - Like Dreamers Do (Decca) (2011 Remaster)

Download The Decca Audition Tapes Remastered By Me!

For the 49th Anniversary of The Beatles doing an Audition to Decca, now Remastered.

"Like Dreamers Do" is a song written by Paul McCartney in 1957. It was performed by the Beatles at their unsuccessful 1962 audition for Decca Records. In 1964 the track was recorded by The Applejacks. This was the first commercial release of the song. The single's music director was Mike Leander. It reached #20 on the UK Singles Chart.

The Beatles version was later released on Anthology 1. Like all the other songs performed at the Decca and EMI auditions, it features Pete Best on drums.

McCartney wasn't fond of the song and considered it a throwaway.

Recordings of "Like Dreamers Do" as the Beatles may have performed it are available on the 1989 album by Bas Muys entitled Secret Songs: Lennon & McCartney and on the 1998 release It's Four You by the Australian

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