The Beatles Love Songs [Album Completo/Full Album]

The Beatles Love Songs [Album Completo/Full Album]

The Beatles Love Songs el album completo n_n Disfrutenlo!!! No olviden comentar y suscribirse!!! =]


00:00 1."Yesterday"

02:06 2."I'll Follow the Sun"

03:59 3."I Need You"

06:32 4."Girl"

09:04 5."In My Life"

11:34 6."Words of Love"

13:41 7."Here, There and Everywhere"

16:08 8."Something"

19:11 9."And I Love Her"

21:42 10."If I Fell"

24:08 11."I'll Be Back"

26:34 12."Tell Me What You See"

29:14 13."Yes It Is"

31:56 14."Michelle"

34:41 15."It's Only Love"

36:39 16."You're Gonna Lose That Girl"

38:59 17."Every Little Thing"

41:06 18."For No One"

43:08 19."She's Leaving Home"

46:51 20."The Long and Winding Road"

50:35 21."This Boy"

52:40 22."Norwegian Wood"

54:57 23."You've Got to Hide Your

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