Kunuk - Blackbird The Beatles - with tabs and tutorial

Kunuk - Blackbird The Beatles - with tabs and tutorial
Blackbird - The Beatles

Guitar tab instruction

played by Kunuk Nykjaer



0:00 Chords

0:01 Tabs

2:20 Picking tutorials


In the ending of the movie, there are picking tutorials for this song.

Tempo 96 on my metronome, 4/4

The chord names are from the original version (Complete Scores book), the voicing shown in the beginning may be different from the original version.

Tabs available at http://guitar.kunuk.dk

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Trivia: The bird is an origami, I enjoy making bird origami, I made it black using invert colors with Photoshop.

Trivia: Footstep sounds are actually tapping on the guitar.

Trivia: I had headphones listening to the midi-file played in the Guitar pro 5 program while playing the guitar to get accurate timing.

Trivia: The footsteps and th

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