Stella McCartney Documentary - Stars - [BroadbandTV]

Stella McCartney Documentary - Stars - [BroadbandTV]
Stella McCartney is a fashion designer of significant importance, she has worked hard and has become prominent in her own right.

Although born famous, Stella has struggled furiously all her life to be independent. With former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney and wife Linda as parents, its no wonder she has wanted to become her own person.


Opening stores on both sides of the Atlantic, she is the designer for celebrity pals such as Liv Tyler and Naomi Campbell.


The woman nicknamed Stella Steel by the fashion world is constantly busy. She opened her first store in New York in 2002, followed by another one in London, a year later. The name McCartney has been more of a burden than a luxury to Stella but her father Paul is always ready to show his support.



I think she does a great job. She's very hard working, she pulls the whole thing together, as a whole approach, beautiful clothes that women want

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