The Beatles - Love Me Do (HD)

The Beatles - Love Me Do (HD)
It was 50 years ago today that The Beatles released their first single, Love Me Do.

Hoy se cumplen 50 años del lanzamiento de 'Love Me Do', su primer sencillo.

05/10/1962 - 05/10/2012.

«Love Me Do» is The Beatles' first single, backed by "P.S. I Love You" and released on 5 October 1962. When the single was originally released in the United Kingdom, it peaked at number seventeen; in 1982 it was re-issued and reached number four. In the United States the single was a number one hit in 1964.

The song is an early Lennon--McCartney composition, principally written by Paul McCartney in 1958--1959 while playing truant from school at age 16. John Lennon wrote the middle eight. Their practice at the time was to scribble songs in a school notebook, dreaming of stardom, always writing "Another Lennon-McCartney Original" at the top of the page. "Love Me Do" is intrinsically a song based around two simple chords: G7 and C, before moving to D for its middle eight. It fir

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