Go Twi (Get Back)

Go Twi (Get Back)
The first track for our release event on Everfree Radio! Check them out!


For this track, at first we didn't know which version of Get Back we'd use, as the versions off of Let it Be and Past Masters are both different. So we decided to combine the best elements of both!

And then we decided, That still wasn't enough! So we added another couple solos and another verse!

The copyrights of the Beatles, their respective solo works, and My Little Pony, are used in a parodic manner, therefore this work is protected by the Fair Use laws of the United States.

MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?0362f8h34kcgr76

(Yes these lyrics are off, I just wanted to get this uploaded for u guys. I'll fix em up)

Twilight was a mare who'd always been a loner,

Princess knew it couldn't last

Forced to leave her home Twilight left her corner,

Forced to make some friends and fast,

Go Twi, Go Tw

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