John Lennon Calls George Harrison 1980

John Lennon Calls George Harrison 1980
It is true that in 1980 John was upset with George, because he felt that George had ungratefully left him out of "I Me Mine" (I love the book, personally). However, John also said in one of his last interviews that, yes, he was mad at George for forgetting to mention him, but that his anger was insignificant to how he really felt about George, and the others. He said he was mad at George, but he still couldn't help loving him.

George apparently sent John a telegram in 1980 when he was in the studio with Double Fantasy. He wanted to get together with John, according to what I read, but John sort of tossed it aside and said something like, "so now he wants to get together with me after he forgot to mention me in his book..." something like that. He was really, really hurt by that whole book thing. Nevermind that John was actually mentioned in the book, and if I remember more than Paul or Ringo, he still felt he deserved more.


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