John Lennon ORIGINAL 'Imagine' Film 1972 (Part 1)

John Lennon ORIGINAL 'Imagine' Film 1972 (Part 1)
This is _NOT_ the 1988 documentary "Imagine: John Lennon". but, the original film John and Yoko made in 1971, which was released in 1972. This is a direct VHS to DVD copy. The VHS source is the 1985 home video version which contains an edited 'I Don't Want To Be A Solider' and omits Ono's 'Midsummer New York' which were both in the 1972 film.

Track Listing

1. Imagine

2. Crippled Inside

3. Jealous Guy

4. Don't Count The Waves (Ono)

5. It's So Hard

6. Mrs. Lennon (Ono)

7. I Don't Want To Be A Solider

8. Power To The People/Gimme Some Truth

9. Oh My Love

10. How Do You Sleep

11. How?

12. Oh Yoko!

In the wake of everything that is old being put on YouTube, I kept waiting and waiting for someone to post the full film up. Some individual clips are on YT, but not the entire film. Of all the J&Y films, I feel this was their best one. Hopefully Yoko decides to give this 'Imagine' film

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