Ringo Starr - In a Heartbeat

Ringo Starr - In a Heartbeat
From the Album Time Takes Time


Ringo Starr: Vocals, drums and percussion

Michael Landau: Guitar

Mark Goldenberg:Guitar

James Hutchinson: Bass

Benmont Tench:Hammond C-3 and harmonium

Jamie Muhoberac and Robbie Buchanan: Keyboards

Brian O'Doherty, Brian Wilson, Andrew Gold: Chorus

"if you're ever feelin' down,

if your world ain't turnin' 'round,

i'll make it turn around for you,

i'll do whatever i can do.

if you ever need someone,

(if you need someone)

i would love to be the one.

call when you're feeling

all alone, (when you're

all alone)

if you just need a hand to

hold. (when you need a hand

to hold)

in a heartbeat,

i'll be by your side

any time you want me,

any time you want me.

in a heartbeat,

you can have my love

any time you want me,

baby, in a heartbeat i'll be there.

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