George Harrison - Blow Away [New Master Exp.] [HD Update]

George Harrison - Blow Away [New Master Exp.] [HD Update]
Re-mastered from the original master.

"Blow Away" was a 1979 hit single by George Harrison, taken from his eponymous album. The song is one of Harrison's most popular and beloved post-Apple singles, but also one of the simplest. Its uptempo pop sound fell far outside of the dominant genres of the era, disco and punk. "Blow Away", written on a rainy day (that's why first verses are about clouds), was included in Nuns on the Run - a comedy with Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane.

In his autobiography I Me Mine, Harrison wrote that the song arose from feelings of melancholy and inadequacy that served as a reminder that he, in fact, "loved everybody" and should seek to be more optimistic. Additionally, he noted that, while he initially disliked the melody, thinking it too simple, the track grew on him when he began to record it.

The accompanying video was a simple affair; featuring various shots of George singing the song superimposed over shots of moving

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