The Beatles Flipnote Studio Medley

The Beatles Flipnote Studio Medley
Yes, it's a video from julie090995!! :D

It's a medley of all my Beatle SONG flipnotes, all smooshed into 8 minutes.

I am currently making another flipnote of I Saw Her Standing There, but I haven't finished it yet, so I haven't included it.

The Complete song listing for this vid is~

Maxwell's Silver Hammer


Lady Madonna

Mean Mr Mustard

Mr Moonlight

A Hard Day's Night


It Won't Be Long



Hello Goodbye

I Saw Her Standing There

Help! (Two parts)

When I Get Home

Yellow Submarine

I apologise for the delays between audio and video, namely in Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Mr Moonlight, Birthday and Help! (1st part) well, all of them :[

These are in no order at all, with It Won't Be Long being made last January, and Maxwell's Silver Hammer just finished yesterday.

I also made some of these for certain occasions, like When

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