George Harrison - For You Blue (Live 1974 Neon Chimp Edit).

George Harrison - For You Blue (Live 1974 Neon Chimp Edit).
As there isn't really anything even close to pro shot footage from George Harrison's 1974 North American Tour (well there is but it's in the Dark Horse Records Vault along with pro shot footage of every show from his 1991 tour of might get released one day but until that time this is the best we have) I decided to try and put something together from the audience footage already on YouTube.

The footage is from various different shows and most of it is silent so it's often hard to tell what song is actually being performed. All up I was able to collect just over 30 minutes of footage. The main thing I noticed was that no one recorded one full song, just small bits and pieces through-out the concert. As a result it made putting this together much more challenging. I chose For You Blue as it was one of the songs that there was footage of and you could tell that it was the song being performed (filmed closer to the stage so you could see George's mouth moving...that

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