1964 The Tribute: Gary Grimes Memorial Video (Official)

1964 The Tribute: Gary Grimes Memorial Video (Official)
Gary Grimes of 1964...The Tribute lost his battle with brain cancer on December 13, 2010. Here is the "official" statement by the "1964" family. Gary was loved millions over his 27 years performing as Paul McCartney in 1964...The Tribute.

I have been asked to input some info about myself and the slideshow. My name is Steven Gardner, I have been "1964"s photographer/ graphics artist / press agent since about 2005. I am a Beatle afficionado to the extreme. But most importantly, I am a friend to Gary and 1964.

This slideshow was made using only the pictures during my time with 1964.


There is a pic in here of Gary (10th) with yellow spotlights around him, I hold the frame there for two reasons...1) because I want the lyric line to finish, but more importantly it was the very first picture Gary ever saw from me, and from there my relationship with him, the band and the entire 1964 family began.

Thank you Gary, for all the opp

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