The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down

The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down
50 Years Ago:

The Beatles Play Their Final Live Performance

.On January 30th, 1969, The Beatles played a

lunchtime concert on the roof of the Apple building

at 3 Savile Row in London. It would end up being

the final time they performed live, and was taped

for the film Let It Be.

The reasons for their impending breakup were plentiful: the 1967 death of manager Brian Epstein; the striking musical development of George Harrison, who had been only a junior partner during the Beatles' early years; the inevitable maturation of the quartet, whose interests outside of the band ranged from the personal to the professional; and, of course, the drug use and egos, both spiraling out of control.

But their final live performance was unexpected and joyful as everyone gathered on top of Apple Records' rooftop in stodgy downtown London on a frigid January day — especially considering what had been going on inside the Beatles ca

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