Fillies (Piggies)

Fillies (Piggies)
Wow it's been awhile since I posted a vid here!

Ok! So the Beatle Bronies have been uber super busy with working on solo projects and preparing for Everfree Northwest! We've been trying to collaborate and get our stuff together so we can do some more Beatle Brony songs but it's slow going. We hope to get a couple more tracks out to you guys before we fly off to Seattle.

The copyrights of the Beatles, their respective solo works, and My Little Pony are used in a parodic manner, therefore this work is protected by the Fair Use Laws of the United States.



Have you seen the little fillies

Crusading for their marks?

And for all three little fillies

Life seems pretty dark

Not having their marks that show their talents

Have you seen the silly fillies

Riding in their cart?

You wil

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