I Am The Zebra (Walrus) v2

I Am The Zebra (Walrus) v2
Here is our second take of I Am The Walrus with %20 louder vocals from our newest member qdBrony!

I do not claim to own the Beatles, their music, or My Little Pony. This is for entertainment purposes only.

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

See how they run like Fluttershy from dragons, see how they fly.

I'm rhymin.

Sitting on a cottage, waiting for these herbs to brew.

Town is just deserted, the ponies have darted.

Boy, you been a naughty pony, you ran away from sis.

I am no pony, they are the ponies.

I am the zebra, goo goo g'joob.

All the city ponies sitting

Pretty little ponies in a row.

See how they fly like Dashie in the Sky, see how they run.

I'm rhymin, I'm rhymin.

I'm rhymin, I'm rhymin.

Medicinal green herb, hanging from the Everfree trees.

Crabalocker fisheye, add a gryphon feather,

Boy, you been some naughty mares

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