Pinkie Pie (Honey Pie)

Pinkie Pie (Honey Pie)
I do not claim to own the Beatles, their music, or My Little Pony. This is for entertainment purposes only.


She was a po-ny girl

Busy farming rocks

'Now she's hit the big time

Thanks to Lauren Faust.'

And she's gonna throw a party,

That will knock your socks..Off

Pinkie Pie!

I'm too tired to party

But you've won my hearty

So won't you please come home?

Oh, Pinkie Pie

My position is tragic

But your Friendship is Magic

Can't we all sing along?

You became a legend here, on kids TV

And oh, if only I could attend your pony parties!

Oh Pinkie Pie

You think oatmeal is crazy

But, your cupcakes are tasty

So won't you please come home?

Pinkie pie, come back to me

I party like that,

Oohh, I like this kinda, fun kind of party.

Pony kind of party, t

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