Mare With The Books (Fool on the Hill)

Mare With The Books (Fool on the Hill)
Wow! Two songs in two days! We haven't done that in awhile! This song was being worked on alongside Across Equestria, but now it's done! Enjoy!

The copyrights of the Beatles, their respective solo works, and My Little Pony are used in a parodic manner, therefore this work is protected by the copyright laws of the United States.


Day after day,

Alone in a library,

The mare reading prophecies is spreading much blasphemy

But nopony wants to hear her,

They all think that she's just a fool,

And nopony ever listens,

But the mare with the books,

Sees an eternal moon,

But everypony else,

Thinks she's just 'nother loon.

Well on the way,

Head buried in books,

The mare tries to heed a warning, but all she gets are wierd looks

But nopony ever hears her,

or the sound she appears to make,

she obv'usly (obviously)

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